Former Norman Teacher Speaks Following His Termination Hearing, Says He'd Do It Again

Thursday, June 30th 2022, 9:04 pm

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

The Norman teacher fired for sharing photos of a school threat with a parent is sharing his story. He told News 9 he felt the district wasn't taking the threat seriously. 

Richard Cavette has been in education for years and just as teachers make their mark on students his students have made a profound impact on him. 

It’s been two weeks since Richard Cavette sat in front of the Norman Public School board. 

“I started off the day with a whole lot of hope and optimism, but it became pretty clear pretty quickly that they had made up their minds, so the rest of the day was tough. they said a lot of terrible things about me,” said Cavette. 

After the hearing, he took some time away with family to reflect on his years at Norman Public Schools before he was terminated. 

“If you don’t step out of line, it’s fantastic, but if you draw the attention of someone in administration, you’re done. I think that this reflects how Norman treats its teachers,” he said. 

When asked if he would do it again knowing how things unfolded, he said he would. 

“I would definitely do it again. There are a few different steps I would take but I still believe that children deserve to be safe above all else and if that costs me my job, no matter how I do it, that is the price,” said the longtime teacher. 

The fallout of sharing pictures of school threat now has him leaving the state to teach elsewhere. 

“I can’t stop being a teacher. If I can’t be a teacher here, then I will go somewhere where I can,” said Cavette. 

He has a message for the students of Oklahoma who left a lasting impression. 

“Things are tough but there are always good people. Look for the teachers you trust go to those teachers. There are good people, find them and trust them,” he said. 

During the hearing the Norman Public School Board said Cavette was terminated for violating the standards of performance. 

Community members have started a GoFundMe to help with moving expenses for him and his wife as they relocate.