Police Arrest Woman In Connection With Fatal Crash

Wednesday, June 29th 2022, 8:40 pm

WARR ACRES, Oklahoma -

A driver accused of killing an elderly man is now behind bars. According to Warr Acres police the driver was arrested Saturday. 

The victim was identified as Charles Myrbo. While one neighbor did not know him personally, she said she often saw him walking his dog at night and had warned him about the traffic. 

“He scared me because he had no reflective gear on and he was an older gentleman,” said neighbor Judy Riddell. 

However, according to Myrbo’s wife, her husband always wore a reflective hat and belt.”

Judy Riddell said the man walked his dog every night along North Grove Ave., there she said the speed limit is often ignored. 

“Sometimes they use it as a racetrack. No one drives the speed limit on that road,” said Riddell. 

Concerned enough for the man's wellbeing, Riddell said she recently stopped him to give him a flashlight. 

“I said look I got something for you, I lit it up for him. I said put this around your neck when you go walking because it will let people see you, and you can see where you're going,” said Riddell.            

Saturday, she saw the police lights and an ambulance.  

According to reports Faith Hart was behind the wheel when she struck the man.  

Police said when questioned, Hart lied to officers telling them someone else had been driving and that they ran away. 

Records show she had a suspended license.  

It was only after police said they began searching for the fictious driver that she admitted she was responsible saying 

"I know where I hit him … I took a Xanax earlier today," said Hart. 

“That is so sad, I don't understand why people do that and get in the car,” said Riddell.  

Hart was booked in on multiple complaints including negligent homicide and possession of a controlled substance. 

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