Bethany Residents Under Boil Water Order, Concerns Over E. Coli

Monday, May 30th 2022, 9:33 pm

BETHANY, Oklahoma -

Bethany residents are concerned after they were notified of a city-wide boil order. 

Over the weekend the city alerted residents after isolated samples tested positive for E. coli. 

As a result, several restaurants were forced to temporarily close. 

Signs were posted in the windows of restaurants, closed for business.  

“E. coli situation going on,” said one Bethany resident.  

“City of Bethany, they called us, it was like a recorded message,” said Bethany resident Janet Campos.  

According to the city alert, while only isolated samples tested positive for E. coli, a city-wide boil order was put in place. 

“You really don’t realize how much you use the water,” said Campos.  

Residents were asked to bring water to a full, rolling boil for one minute before drinking, preparing food, making baby formula, brushing teeth, and washing dishes. 

“It’s going to be hard, but we got to do what we got to do to keep safe,” said Campos.  

Mother of six Janet Campos said she's been taking every precaution. 

“When they brush their teeth in the morning, we have to use bottled water because I’m afraid they are going to swallow it,” said Campos.  

Campis along with other residents are loading up on water for their families and four legged friends. 

“I have a pet, so of course I can’t just give her tap water. I have to go get bottled water which gets expensive because it adds up with the heat,” said Karen Majors. 

With the boil order in effect for at least ten days, free cases of water were supplied to families by the city but have already run out. 

News 9 did reach out to several city officials about the boil order but have not heard back.