Edmond Man Says Jif Peanut Butter Got Him Sick

Thursday, May 26th 2022, 6:00 pm

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

An Edmond man said he's been sick for weeks after only having a few scoops of Jif peanut butter. 

“Thank goodness I only ate that much. I can't imagine if I ate more,” Michael Rusnak said. 

Michael Rusnack said the trouble started shortly after buying Jif's Creamy Peanut Butter earlier this month. 

“I had this unusual onset of heartburn, extreme heartburn no matter what I ate. I had chills and I had a low-grade fever unexplained and then I had abdominal cramping under my rib cage, real discomforting,” Rusnack said. 

After days of pain, he went to the doctor. 

“My blood work shows that I have a bacterial infection, so they started treating me for that infection with antibiotics,” Rusnack said. 

Rusnack said his wife connected his symptoms to a recent recall on certain Jif products. 

“She said what's the lot number on it, pulled it out and she said this might be your problem,” Rusnack said. 

The Oklahoma State Health Department is warning Oklahomans of the effects of Jif products on the recall list. This comes after the CDC announced a salmonella outbreak linked to the products. OSDH said they can find a connection through genetic testing and right now there aren't any cases. 

“You know you look at the symptoms of salmonella poisoning and yep I had some, not all,” Rusnack said. 

OSDH said you should throw away the recalled product and wash surfaces and containers that may have touched it using hot, soapy water. 

“Today I actually feel a little bit like I’m turning the corner, but I still have some of the symptoms that make it uncomfortable,” Rusnack said. 

The State Health Department is still working to determine whether Rusnack has salmonella. More testing is being done. 

Reports can be made to the Oklahoma FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator at 855-630-2112 or click here.