Some Okmulgee County Residents Without Water For 14 Days

Wednesday, May 18th 2022, 9:07 pm


Some people in Okmulgee County said they've been without water for two weeks after flooding in the area.

Okmulgee County Rural Water District Two said they're working to fix the problem, but residents said this happens too often.

"Most of the time it's a day or two, sometimes it will go a week, and every now and then we will get a really long stretch, like this year and last year," said Bren Baxter.

The Baxter's have lived near Twin Hills School in Okmulgee County for six years, and said this happens two to three times a year.

Bren said every time there's severe weather in the forecast, he gets anxious thinking about if his family will lose water.

"Oh, it's awful, we have animals and livestock to feed, we have a house full of kids who are having to do sponge baths, flushing toilets is a nightmare, it's awful," he said.

Over at Randy Sissom's house, he has water. However, it's not clear.

He said he deals with dirty water so much, he had to add sediment filter.

"That's just to use for like doing dishes, taking baths, things like that, as far as drinking it, it's all bottled water," he said.

He said the filters are supposed to last three to four months, but he has to change them once a week.

"Right now I've got about $90 a month in filters, then I've probably got another $40 in bottled water," he said.

Both Randy and the Baxter's said they're at a loss, and tired of dealing with this.

"Couple times a day, I'll get home from work and I'll check the faucet, nope," Bren said.

Cases of water and a water truck are still at Twin Hills School for people to use. We did call the water district for comment, but have not heard back.