Death Of Edmond Cyclist Heightens Awareness Of Biker Safety Measures

Wednesday, May 18th 2022, 7:24 am

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

The Edmond community is in shock after a well-known dentist was killed while riding his bike.

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There’s now a push to prevent this from happening again.

There are many people who don't ride on trails, but rather in neighborhoods with their families, to the store or maybe their local park.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 846 cyclists were killed in crashes during 2019.

We can all help cyclists stay safe by respecting cyclists and giving them plenty of space.

Here are some guidelines for the Department of Transportation.

For drivers, share the road. People on bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities as people behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Yield to bicyclists as you would motorists and do not underestimate their speed. This will help avoid turning in front of a bicyclist traveling on the road or sidewalk, often at an intersection or driveway.

In parking lots or at stop signs, when packing up or when parking, search your surroundings for other vehicles including bicycles.

Drivers turning right on red should look to the right and behind to avoid hitting a bicyclist approaching from the right rear. Stop completely and look left-right-left, and behind before turning right on red.

Obey the speed limit, reduce speed for road conditions and drive defensively to avoid a crash with a cyclist.

Give cyclists room. Do not pass too closely. Pass bicyclists as you would any other vehicle when it’s safe to move over into an adjacent lane.

There are new laws that help drivers stay safe. Jan Fees, a city planner in Edmond, mentioned one that encourages drivers to change lanes if someone is riding a bike along the street.

She says you can even merge over on a two-lane road if the both lanes are clear, whatever you can do to keep yourself and cyclists safe.

Wednesday at 6 p.m., riders will be completing a ride of silence in honor of cyclists that have been killed. It starts at the Edmond Target in the west parking lot.

You can find more info on this and other bike month activities by clicking here.