Oklahoma Non-Profit '401-Kids' To Help Victims Of Trafficking

Monday, May 16th 2022, 7:12 am
By: News 9, Jordan Dafnis


Oklahoma City Police arrested eight people in connection to a human trafficking case earlier in May.

A young girl from Texas was found here in a hotel. Thankfully, she was returned safely to her family.

But for trafficking victims without a home to return to, a local non-profit is trying to help.

Clint Thompson, Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman with 401-Kids said Oklahoma Law Enforcement locates around six to eight human trafficking victims a month. He believes there are many more out there.

The non-profit 401-Kids is working on a project called "The Day After Yesterday".

They are in the process of getting the funding to build three, full-term houses for young women who are victims of human trafficking and, more specifically, sex trafficking.

They will provide education for the women and take care of them even after turning 18.

"When we get this contract with DHS, they will decide who they want to go into these houses," said Thompson.

The goal is to step in and be the family these girls may be missing.

Thompson said this may not stop human trafficking from happening, but it is crucial to help those impacted by it.

"Were probably never going to be able to stop it, but I am going to do my best to help the ones that have survived and were going to be doing it by raising these girls as our own daughters," said Thompson.

These homes will be in Oklahoma County and each will house six women.

They will work with DHS to have counseling, therapy, and other things they need to move forward and thrive.

The home will have a Christian foundation, Thompson said it is his faith that led him to create this space for women.

"God put this on my heart because in my years of law enforcement on three continents, I have seen a lot of suffering and most likely, the suffering trickles down to the kids, you know, family fights, abuse, child molestation etc. like that," said Thompson.

Educating both law enforcement and the public is another major piece of the puzzle for Thompson.

The project will also aim to work with legislators on strengthening the crime of a solicitation of a minor. They are hoping for more jail time for solicitors.

401-Kids is requesting funding through the American Rescue Plan and right now the proposal is on the Chairmans desk, and they are waiting to find out if it will be approved.

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