Midwest City Animal Welfare Saves 25 Dogs From Abandoned Home

Thursday, May 12th 2022, 6:12 pm

MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma -

More than two-dozen dogs were found inside an abandoned home in Midwest City. Neighbors and city officials said the house has been a concern for a while, but they weren’t able to enter the property until three dogs escaped Wednesday night. 

"There were three dogs chasing my cat," said resident Joe Dibrer. 

The three dogs scared Dibrer’s wife, prompting her to call the police. After investigating where the dogs came from, Dibrer made a stomach-turning discovery. 

"Tons of dogs. Big, small, all kinds of dogs and they were very aggressive. They were hungry," explained Dibrer. He also said the dogs didn't look like they were taken care of. 

Midwest City officials said that call opened the door for them to finally go inside the home. 

"The property was actually unsecured and seemed abandoned," said Midwest City's Communications & Marketing Director, Josh Ryan. He added, "Here what they found of course is an abundance of dogs but also living in unhealthy conditions." 

Neighbors told officials no one has lived there for a month; but they did see someone did stop by to drop food on the floor last week.  

Animal welfare officers rescued 25 dogs and puppies from the home between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  

 All adult female dogs either are pregnant or gave birth recently.  

Officials said the home was close to being overrun with puppies. The dogs were also infested with fleas and ticks. 

"It is hard on them [animal welfare officers] when they're dealing with a situation like this because they spend their whole life caring for animals and taking care of animals and trying to get them into a safer place," said Ryan. 

Ryan said they hope the Midwest City shelter will have space. 

It's not clear if the homeowner will face criminal charges. They did receive several code violations and the house has been condemned.