Norman Companies Continue To Fix Damages From 2021 Hailstorm

Thursday, April 28th 2022, 10:35 am

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

One year ago today, hail pelted Norman while the country was facing a large supply chain shortage, and companies are still working to repair the damages.

Miles of cars were damaged, hailstones were as big as tennis or baseballs and windows were shattered.

The city released its report on the total damages, which were $100,000, but that was different for residents and businesses.

"We talked to a local meteorologist and estimated the storm would be approximately a billion dollars in damage and will likely be the second worst storm in the state history," said Matt Morgan, owner of Scissortail Roofing and Construction.

There was a total of 888 damage reports made to the city, with the bulk of the reports coming from homeowners.

The need for damage repairs is mixed with the supply chain shortage and the increased cost of materials.

"We’re working on everything still. We’re seeing shortages in garage doors, windows, paint supplies, siding, so it’s really backed everything up," said Morgan.  

Six months later, Norman got hit with hail in October, adding more insult to injury.

"We had roofed many homes again when we finished them, and many people had to file multiple claims. It is just continuing to create chaos in the industry," said Morgan.  

While most want to put 2021 in our rearview mirror, construction supply shortages and supply chain interruptions continue to cause headaches.

Scissortail Roofing and Construction and other companies are still working to fix the damages from last year.

They say they still have months of repairs left.