Dog Who Survived Moore Tornado Helps Find Missing People

Monday, March 21st 2022, 10:19 pm

We told you last week about a search dog that found the remains of a man who'd been missing in Mayes County for almost four years. We've learned that search dog, Little Man, has had a unique life.

Little Man is just like any other dog: He's full of energy, he loves his toys, and he is just happy to be alive. "He loves people to death," said Molly Gibb. "It's almost a distraction."

But Little Man is pretty special. After surviving for five days, he was found in the rubble of the Moore 2013 tornado as a puppy.

Molly Gibb was helping animals in the storm and noticed Little Man had some unique qualities, so she adopted him.

"I think about he has a really great work ethic, and is one of the happiest little beings I've had the pleasure of knowing," Gibb said.

Molly and Little Man have been on searches all over Oklahoma and in many surrounding states.

Little Man can find missing people, he can sniff for evidence, and he can find human remains. That was his task last week -- to help find Wesley Stillsmoking, a man who went missing four years ago in rural Mayes County.

"He's very diligent at solving search problems that are a little tougher," Gibb said.

Bradley Morris also volunteers with Molly for the nonprofit K9 Search Oklahoma. They answer the call when law enforcement needs them.

Little Man found the remains only an hour before crews were ready to call off the search for Stillsmoking.

"It's adrenaline and emotion," Morris said. "There were a lot of hugs and tears."

After the end of a hard day of work, Little Man always gets a toy as a reward, and then he's ready for his next assignment.

Molly said all the hard work of training and long days are worth it to give families some answers and some peace.

"Dogs do what they do," Morris said. "We just have to understand what it is."

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