Woman Accidentally Shot Husband Multiple Times Instead Of Home Intruder

Friday, March 4th 2022, 5:49 pm


A shooting in northwest Oklahoma City that involved a married couple is under investigation.

Police said the wife fired at an alleged home intruder Thursday night, but she missed and shot her husband twice.

An Oklahoma City Police Department public information spokesperson said Thursday that the shooting appeared to be accidental.

When officers arrived at the home near Northwest 10th and Indiana Avenue to investigate the shooting, they did not get an immediate answer.

They were finally let in and led upstairs where they found Brent Barnes. Barnes was bleeding from gunshot wounds in the arm and stomach.

Barnes' wife, Crystal, and their two young children were also in the home.

“The victim indicated that, at some point, during the investigation that an unknown person had arrived at the victim’s residence and attempted to enter,” Oklahoma City Police Department Sergeant Dillon Quirk said. “Went inside, pointed a gun and demanded money from the victim.”

Barnes told officers he yelled at his wife, who was armed to shoot the alleged intruder.

“As it turns out, right now, it appears the wife accidently shot the husband, but we are still investigating,” Quirk said.

The couple told officers the suspect ran away. They also informed police that they recently moved to Oklahoma and did not know anyone.

However, neighbors weren't surprised the home was targeted.

“It’s not really the best part of town,” one neighbor said. “On this street here, you got all kinds of homeless. you got people speeding, you got there are drug addicts.”

The neighbor did not want to be identified because of the high crime. He said he put up cameras around his home to distract intruders and said most of the neighbors look out for each other.

They are now on high alert after hearing the home intruder got away.

“We haven’t positively identified the suspect and haven’t made any arrests so far,” Quirk said.

Police said Barnes was taken to OU Medical Center last night where he was treated and released.