Edmond Board Of Education Adds $120 Million Bond Issue To Feb. 8 Ballot

Tuesday, January 25th 2022, 10:26 am

Ahead of the Feb. 8 mayoral election, Edmond Public Schools is adding a bond issue to the ballot for its school district.

The Edmond Public School district is expanding near Northwest 150th & Penn, and they said they need to continue buying land and getting schools running as more students join the district.

"We are still a growing district. We opened one elementary this year, and it is full. This one is scheduled to open in August. On this bond is phase two for this addition, and you can see around this area it's growing with houses and apartments are being built," said Dr. Angela Grunewald, Edmond Public Schools Superintendent. "With our history of passing these bonds when we were hit with COVID, we were already one to one. It's because of the technology we purchase with these bonds."

This bond issue has two propositions, one for $117 million allowing the district to buy new equipment and technology.

This money would also be used to purchase new land for schools in addition to school improvements.

Superintendent Grunewald said her biggest hope is to redo Will Rogers Elementary.

"One of the biggest items on this one is walls at Will Rogers. It was built as an open concept, and the walls do not go to the ceiling," said Dr. Grunewald.

The final proposition is to buy new vehicles.

The district said there will be no surprises on property taxes.

For more information on the bond issue, click here.