OKC Animal Welfare Investigating After Driver Repeatably Runs Over Dog With Vehicle In Street

Monday, November 29th 2021, 11:05 pm


Oklahoma City animal welfare officers are investigating after a driver was caught on cellphone video hitting a dog, backing up over it and hitting the dog again.

It happened Nov. 23 in the 2400 block of Southeast 10th Street in Oklahoma City.

The owners, who have since surrendered the dog due to medical bills, captured the actions of their neighbor on home security cameras.

The dog, a two-year-old lab and golden retriever mix now named Vers, survived the incident without being seriously hurt.

Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue is helping care for Vers. 

“I felt disgusted that a human being could even hurt any living creature, especially something as beautiful as Vers,” Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue events coordinator Diana Gandara-Fierro said.

Vers was not seriously hurt following the incident. However, her back right leg needed immediate medical attention.

“Luckily, after bringing her over to our vet, we were told that her x-rays came out clean,” Gandara-Fierro said. “Shockingly, she came out pretty much unscathed other than the fact that the right back leg was degloved.”

Animal welfare investigators are working to determine if the actions of the driver were intentional or an accident.

No arrests have been made. Investigators are reviewing video of the incident.

“You would think that a dog would be in excruciating pain and I’m sure she is, but she hasn’t led on,” Gandara-Fierro said. “She’s allowed out vet staff to work with her, to get her back and running if you will.”

With some medication hydrotherapy and a little tender loving care, Vers is on track for a happy and healthy life and is learning to trust again.

“Her leg (will) take a lot of time to heal and it may not even look the same after wards,” said Gandara-Fierro.

Vers is staying with a foster family.

Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue is accepting donations to help pay for Vers’ medical expenses.