OSDH Outlines Plans To Fix Problems At Public Health Lab

Wednesday, November 24th 2021, 5:39 pm
By: Erica Rankin


CMS said that an on-site complaint was made to them back in September which sparked the review. State health officials said the review was timely, after moving the lab from Oklahoma City to Stillwater, to help them set up the lab for long-term success.

"That is something that anyone has the right to make a direct complaint to CMS," said Keith Reed, the Interim Commissioner of Health. "And CMS was following up on that complaint those complaints are confidential, so I don't have the details on the complaint."

Reed said after receiving the report from CMS on the lab there were some key areas to work on that included modernized lab security and resolving reporting on COVID-19 sequencing results.

OSDH said they outlined their plans to fix these and other problems and sent that report to CMS.

"We need to wait for their response back to us to acknowledge that they accepted those plans or if we need to talk about more things that we need to do create an acceptable plan," said Reed.

The lab moved was moved to Stillwater during the pandemic.

Reed said the fact this investigation occurred should give Oklahomans piece of mind that the system of checks and balances is working.

"The CMS report is an example of the process in place to ensure standards across the board and it helps spur us to enhance our internal processes as well," said Reed.

Once the report is finalized Reed said they will work to get us that information, right now there is not a specific timeline set as to when they will get that final report.