Hundreds Participate In Silent March To Bring Awareness To Human Trafficking

Saturday, October 16th 2021, 9:29 pm
By: Johnny Resendiz

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Hundreds of people marched silently through Guthrie Green on Saturday in protest of human trafficking.

Survivors led the march and spread hope to those who need it, while also educating others on how to recognize the signs of trafficking.

Sarah-Jane Vegas is a trafficking survivor who led the march

She says when she turned around and saw the line of people having her back, it overwhelmed her.

"Now coming together and seeing all this community saying, 'oh, we are walking for you. We are standing for you. We want you to know that we care.' It means so much," Vegas said.

Vegas says just talking about this topic more can save countless lives.

"I think for way too long, traffickers have been able to capitalize on our ignorance," Vegas said. "It's something happening in the shadows."

Carla Harris says a family member has been missing for a year after disappearing from Moore.

She says she is still searching for answers and hopes the walk today can lead her to some.

"If one person, one policeman, one spectator, one person saw this sign, and saw her and identified her on the street or wherever she might be, we just want her home," Harris said.

Harris says survivors and supporters gave her the boost she needed to keep faith that one day, her relative will be home safe.

"You know as long as there is a heartbeat, there's hope," Harris said. "If there's not a heartbeat, then they're in heaven. so, that's hope too so, I think all the way around there's hope. That was given to me today because you can get tired, and you get worn and you don't want to give up."