Three Suspects Break Into Norman Marijuana Dispensary, Steal Thousands In Product, Manager Says

Friday, October 15th 2021, 10:30 pm

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

The search is on for three suspects who were caught on camera breaking into a Norman medical marijuana dispensary. 

Management at Back Door Dispensary & Drug Co. said Norman police were dispatched about 4:15 a.m. Tuesday to their location near Interstate 35 and Main Street.

Before breaking in, surveillance cameras catch the three as they appear to case the store.

“The video shows them peaking in, kind of looking around, accessing the situation, casing it,” said Rick Akram, general manager of Back Door Dispensary & Drug Co.

Minutes pass before one of the three throws a piece of concrete through the front glass door. The thieves are then seen getting right to work.

“They didn’t break any of my displays, they didn’t take anything else but the flower,” said Akram. “I think the destruction was almost as much as the product they stole. They weren’t in here very long. I’d estimate approximately 30 seconds.”

That 30 seconds was enough to take thousands in dispensary product.

Wednesday operations were shut down as store managers were left to pick up the pieces.

“I certainly don’t believe it was a previous employee of the dispensary or any of our patients,” said Akram. “Yes, one person went straight back and knew right where the lights were, looked around, but if they were somebody that were here a lot, they would know where other things were if you will and probably would have made it more fruitful for them.”

All three suspects are thought to be still at large.

While the store is back open for business, managers said arrests would sure put minds at ease.

“The juice wasn’t worth the squeeze. Is it really worth it?” said Akram. “A few thousand dollars’ worth of product for several years in jail, grand larceny? Come on. Don’t ruin your life over something like that.”

Managers at Back Door Dispensary & Drug Co. said Norman police responded to the scene.