OSU Teams Up With Nonprofit To Help Relocate Afghan Refugees In Oklahoma

Thursday, October 7th 2021, 4:47 pm
By: Erika Lee

STILLWATER, Oklahoma -

Oklahoma State University is partnering with Catholic Charities to help with the relocation of Afghan families.

When OSU heard that Catholic Charities was going to bring refugees to Stillwater, the university offered to assist in any way it could.

OSU said it set aside several resources in anticipation for this arrival and partnered with Catholic Charities to help take in around 40 Afghan families.

School of Global Studies and Partnerships Dean Randy Kluver said they’ve set aside 25 campus apartments.

“They’re two bedroom apartments, sufficient for a family,” Kluver said. “We’re working with teams to come up with supplies and furniture.

Of the 1,800 refugees coming to Oklahoma, volunteers won't know how many members each family will have until they arrive.

“If we have 40 families and four persons per family, that could be up to 160 people,” Dr. Kluver said, “I’m expecting about 150 to 200 people coming to Stillwater.”

Kluver said the housing set aside for refugees doesn't take away from any current student housing. The 25 residential life apartments are empty apartments meant for international students who weren’t able to come because of COVID.

OSU will also provide English as a second language training, transportation services, translation services, and help with food and furniture.

They have started a web portal to provide ongoing updates and volunteer opportunities.

Click here for updates or to volunteer.

The first group of refugees will arrive on campus in early November.