Edmond Parents Upset After Man Arrested On Child Rape Complaint Umpires Youth Baseball Game

Tuesday, October 5th 2021, 7:43 pm

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

A man under investigation for the rape of a 13-year-old umpired a youth baseball game in Edmond, and now some parents are livid.

 The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office arrested Levi Clark on suspicion of rape last year.

Clark hasn't been charged or convicted in that case, but the investigation remains active-- and parents say Clark has no business being around children.

“We don't feel like this is OK,” said concerned mother Jenifer Standish. “I have seen him once that I can remember personally.”

Standish said this weekend, Clark was on the field in Hafer Park, employed as an umpire with Edmond All Sports Incorporated (EASI).

“It's not OK, because he has a case pending for raping a 13-year-old boy in the state of Oklahoma,” said Standish.

EASI is contracted with the City of Edmond to operate the youth sports program, parents like Standish want to know why Clark was allowed to share the field with their children.

“The concern for me is how many times has this happened and are they background checking anyone that works there?” said Standish.

 In addition to the rape investigation, Clark is awaiting trial for embezzlement.

In a flurry of emails Standish said she was told by the assistant director of EASI that Clark was standing in for another umpire. But when asked if a background check was completed Standish said she got no response.

“My heart dropped, I mean it was disappointing and scary. I have an 8-year-old son, we were at the park all weekend.”

News 9 reached out to the City of Edmond which said EASI acknowledged the concerns and "...assured the City the individual in question will no longer be employed by EASI..."

News 9 spoke with Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater who said his office has not filed or declined charges in the rape investigation because a case has not yet been presented by the sheriff's office.