Family Protests DA’s Decision Not To Charge Suspects In Teen’s Death

Thursday, September 30th 2021, 10:30 pm
By: Clayton Cummins


Family of Daniel Green, 19, are upset after the three men accused of shooting and killing the 19-year-old at his home in July were released from jail and had charges dropped.

“If we can prevent this from happening to another family, then all of this work that we are going through will be worth it,” said Michael Green, Daniel’s uncle.

It was late July when Green, an only child, was fatally shot on his front porch.

Darwin Tapia, Scott Brown and Armando Flores were arrested but later set free after charges were dropped.

“The fact that they are out walking the streets, trolling our Facebook pages, laughing at our comments, driving by our protests just shows that these guys have no remorse,” said Green. “Why should they? They got away with murder.”

Investigators said Green fired the first shots and the three formally accused returned fire in self-defense.

Green’s family argues there is no self-defense when the suspect’s approached Green’s home shooting dozens of times.

“It feels like they already had their mind made up that they weren’t going to charge these men and that he (District Attorney David Prater) doesn’t feel like he has to answer anything,” said Green. “We are looking for someone to hear this that has the power to question the DA so we can get answers.”

The family said answers will help bring peace.

“I think that he (Daniel) would be proud that we are standing up for him but very hurt that it is going the way that it is,” said Green.

This is the second protest Green’s family has scheduled. They said they are planning more in the future.