DA Prater Requests County Grand Jury Be Convened To Investigate Okla. Co. Jail, Pardon & Parole Board

Wednesday, September 29th 2021, 1:44 pm
By: LeighAnne Manwarren


The Oklahoma County district attorney requested a grand jury investigation of the operation of the Oklahoma County jail and the state pardon and parole board.

David Prater submitted an application on Wednesday to the Oklahoma County court.

"One purpose for calling an Oklahoma County grand jury is for it to investigate credible allegations that involve official corruption and/or official neglect that are alleged to have been committed by State and/or County officials..." Prater said in the application, in part.

In the application, Prater said the state health department reported unhealthy and even lethal uncorrected mismanagement of the Oklahoma County jail and this has not been abated.

An OSDH report said the jail had more than 30 serious violations of jail regulations.

Because the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board meets in Oklahoma County, Prater requested a grand jury to convene on "credible allegations" regarding the circumstances of parole/clemency consideration and recommendations for at least two inmates and possible violations of state law and rules of the board, according to the court document.

Pardon and parole board members are not subject to impeachment, but are subject to removal upon an accusation brought by a grand jury, Prater said in his application.

Prater said another purpose for calling an Oklahoma County grand jury is due to the recent adjournment of the state multicounty grand jury. Another state multicounty grand jury will likely be convened in Jan. 2022.