State Senate Study Plans To Look Deeper Into Why Oklahomans Aren't Returning To Work

Tuesday, September 21st 2021, 7:37 am
By: Caleb Califano


State lawmakers are taking a closer look at what's keeping Oklahomans from returning to work during the pandemic.

State Senator Carrie Hicks requested this study. She said the goal is to see if any state policy changes might help people return to work or see if policy solutions are even necessary.

Senator Hicks said there are several roadblocks when it comes to returning to work amid the pandemic.

She said one of the biggest reasons is childcare.

"We know childcare availability and affordability was a major concern before the pandemic began. Now, individuals are making difficult decision on how to care for their children and have flexibility in their work schedule to care for those individuals," said Hicks (D) Oklahoma City.

Hicks said she wants to take a deeper look at Oklahoma's minimum wage, to see if a possible increase in future would help businesses bring in more employees and keep the ones they already have.

Tuesday's study will include speakers from Oklahoma Policy institute, the OKC Chamber of Commerce and the Black Chamber of Commerce.

It starts at 9:30 Tuesday morning and will be livestreamed.