Garvin Co. Man Arrested On Alleged Child Sex Crimes, Sheriff Launches New OSBI Partnership

Friday, September 17th 2021, 10:29 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

PAOLI, Oklahoma -

The Garvin County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man accused of soliciting and forcing a minor into sex acts.

Jerry Walker, 39, of Paoli was arrested Wednesday and charged Friday in Garvin County Court with 14 child sex related crimes.

Garvin County Sheriff Jim Mullett said Walker allegedly began having conversations on Facebook Messenger with the 14-year-old victim beginning in 2019.

“My detective has jumped into this with everything he’s got, and we’ve uncovered some very disturbing things,” said Mullett.

Mullett said once the reported victim turned 15 years old, online conversations turned inappropriate which led to Walker soliciting sex and requesting nude images of the victim for payment which the child sent.

According to court records, the victim said she was forced to perform oral sex with Walker.

“Our sole purpose right now was to make sure that this victim was taken care of and we’ve did that,” Mullett said. “We’ve got him (Walker) in jail, and he sits here today with a $500,000 bond.”

Court records reveal Paoli Public Schools officials notified local police after the teen disclosed that she sent nude photos to an adult online.

Paoli police requested the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office to investigate.

“We could show a pattern where he (Walker) was actually grooming her for almost a year before he started asking some inappropriate questions and kind of seeing where she was going to go with this,” said Mullett.

The arrest comes one month after the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office launched a new Internet Crimes Against Children task force in partnership with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI).

The partnership allows deputies to use state resources to investigate children exploited on the internet.

Mullett said so far, deputies are investigating five different tips.

“We take this seriously, we are on a mission,” Mullett said. “We’re going to do our part here at the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office to help battle this and put some of these guys that are exploiting these children behind bars.”

Investigators believe this may not be Walker’s first encounter with a minor.

If you are victim of sexual assault, contact your local police department or sheriff’s office.