Will Rogers World Airport Opens New Terminal For Passenger Use On Wednesday

Wednesday, September 15th 2021, 6:55 am
By: Caleb Califano


Wednesday morning, the new checkpoint and terminal is opening to its first passengers at Will Rogers World Airport. 

All Delta, Frontier and Southwest passengers will be able to use the new checkpoint on Wednesday. All other pre-check and standard passengers will have to use the old one until later in the week. 

The new terminal will add four standard TSA security lanes and two new pre-check lanes. 

At more than 135 thousand square feet, it will also include new restrooms, areas for pets and new restaurants like Starbucks will be available soon. 

Most importantly, the airport hopes this new terminal expansion will bring in more airlines. 

They are already planning for 27 total nonstop flights out of OKC with the upgrade, with the newest cities including Austin and New York. 

"With the expansion we hope it attracts more airlines and more destinations. Our goal is to get more non-stop flights for our residents in Oklahoma City," said Stacey Hamm from WRWA. 

Below is the transition schedule for the new checkpoint for the rest of this week: 

  1. Wednesday- All Delta, Frontier and Southwest Airlines passengers will use the new checkpoint. 
  2. Thursday- All standard passengers will use the new checkpoint 
  3. Friday- All standard and precheck passengers will use the new checkpoint. The current checkpoint (old) will be closed. 

During this transition period to the new terminal, Will Rogers World airport is advising travelers to get to the airport up to two hours before their flight.