Group Marches In Solidarity For Death Row Inmate Julius Jones

Monday, September 13th 2021, 5:47 pm


It was a morning filled with a sea of green shirts, carrying flags and crying out for those showing support of Julius Jones.

"I believe it is time. I believe God's people have to be responsive to this and to show mercy and do justice as it is required," said Cece Jones-Davis, campaign manager for Justice for Julius. 

It was the feeling of the unknown this morning as supporters rallied together for justice. They said they have been fighting for so long.

"We approach this day with cautious optimism. We approach it with hope. We approach it with the same face we have had to have at every step and every hurdle," said Jones-Davis.  

Many Oklahomans gathered, and those from Texas made their way up north to support Lee Merritt, a candidate for the Texas attorney general position who wanted to be there for Jones' family.

"I think the death penalty it's an understatement that there is ample evidence in this case that this young man deserves another opportunity to be heard," said Merritt.

A sigh of relief came when the outcome they were hoping for was released.

Jones-Davis said this has been a difficult time for his family as they have watched this all unfold.

"It's been a lot. It's taken a huge toll for them to get here," said Jones-Davis.