Two 15-Year-Olds Arrested, Accused Of Stealing Man’s Car In Bricktown

Monday, September 13th 2021, 5:23 pm
By: Brittany Toolis


Oklahoma City police arrested two 15-year-olds over the weekend, accused of stealing a man's car at gunpoint.

The victim said it all happened so fast, he didn't even have time to be scared.

The victim said he was in Oklahoma City to visit his girlfriend at a club downtown. The club's parking was full, so he parked in the Bass Pro Shop parking lot. That's where he said the two teens approached him and asked for a lighter.

"So, I walked back to it, unlocked it and then they put a gun to my head and said, 'hit a lick,'" the victim said. "I looked back and saw the gun, saw the two guys."

Then it got violent.

"I don't know what happened, but I scrambled to the front seat. They were trying to pull me back," he said. "They hit me in the back of the head with the butt of the gun and by the 3rd or 4th hit I thought just cut my losses."

The suspects drove off with the truck and the victim said he called police.

"Then after everything got all set and done, I was kind of in shock, did that really happen to me? They [police] had an EMT and they said I had a mild concussion."

 While officers took down the victim's report across town, the suspects were on the move.

"As that was going on in northwest OKC another officer spotted the vehicle driving in the area of Britton and Western," OCPD MSgt. Gary Knight said.

The officer ran the plate, and it came back as a match to the stolen truck.

"[They] ended up crashing into a house in the Britton area of northwest OKC. Two suspects bailed out of the vehicle." Knight said. "With the help of the police helicopter and police K-9 we were able to get both of them in custody."

Investigators said they found a loaded gun close to where the two were arrested.

"It's one of those bad place, bad times but it could have been much worse and I'm so grateful I’m just alive today," the victim said.

Police arrested both suspects on weapons and car theft complaints.