District Attorney David Prater Asks State Supreme Court To Remove Pardon And Parole Board Members For Jones Case

Friday, September 10th 2021, 8:10 am
By: Caleb Califano


Oklahoma County district attorney David Prater is asking the state supreme court to remove two members of the state pardon and parole board from Julius Jones' case. 

The death row inmate's commutation hearing is next month. 

Those two pardon and parole board members are chairperson Adam Luck and board member Kelly Doyle. 

Prater said he wants them removed because he questions if they can keep their opinions out of the case. 

The state filed a motion citing several social media posts from Luck and said he also has a conflict of interest due to his job. 

Luck is the CEO of City Care OKC, a nonprofit that assists the homeless, and helps former inmates re-enter society. 

He is also a board member for the Center for Employment Opportunities, which court documents state, employs released inmates. 

The state's motion said Kelly Doyle also works for the Center for Employment Opportunities which creates a conflict of interest for her as well. 

In a statement to News 9, District Attorney Prater said: 

"It is patently unfair to the Howell family and the citizens of Oklahoma to allow Adam Luck and Kelly Doyle to serve on this very important Board. They clearly are not, and can not be objective in their evaluation of matters coming before them for consideration." 

A State Supreme Court referee is scheduled to hear the state's challenge Friday afternoon at 1:30.