New Book Profiles The People Who Served In 'The War On Terror'

Friday, September 10th 2021, 6:31 am
By: Jordan Dafnis


After September 11, President George W. Bush declared war that would last 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Each veteran who has served has a unique story to tell about their time in combat and their life back home. 

Beau Simmons is a civilian photographer and the co-producer of “Twenty-Year War.” He produced the book alongside Army veterans Dan Blakeley and Tom Amenta. 

The book shares the stories and photos of veterans who fought in the United States' “War on Terror.” 

Simmons traveled across the country for nearly three months, stopping in 42 states along the way. He met with 71 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans to talk to them about their time in the service and their lives post-combat. 

"Surprisingly, everyone's story is so different from one another. From the men and women who have served overseas that are included in this book it is just amazing to hear some of their combat stories but more importantly where their lives have taken them post transition," said Simmons. 

He hopes the book will give people an insight into the lives of the people who served. 

"What we are trying to do with the 20-year war is we are trying to change that conversation and help educate people about that are veterans are everyday people just like you and I. They go to work; they have families and that is what is important," said Simmons. 

The book does not feature any Oklahoma vets, but Oklahoma played a significant role in Simmons' journey to produce this book. 

"When I was visiting Oklahoma, I was working on a ranch out in Guthrie and there actually a veteran that I was working with and helping serve horses and some cattle and we were actually talking about this book, the twenty-year war that I was creating, and it was just an amazing time," said Simmons. 

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