Okla. Co. Drops Charges Against Bethany Man Accused Of Rape And Robbery

Thursday, September 9th 2021, 6:08 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


A Bethany man walked free of rape and robbery charges only weeks before his September trial date.

Michael Frogge, 44, said long-awaited DNA results recently cleared his name. Prior to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office dismissing the charges, Frogge said he was looking at a 30-year prison sentence if a jury found him guilty.

“I’m 44,” Frogge said, free from felony charges. “That’s basically the rest of my life.” 

Now, Frogge counts the years he will have as a free man.

“I was overwhelmed,” Frogge said. “I felt relief like I had 500 pounds taken off my shoulders.” 

He spent the last year with the charges of rape, sexual battery and robbery attached to his name. News 9 ran a story last August after Bethany police arrested Frogge in connection to the crimes.

“I spent a little over nine months in the Oklahoma County jail fighting this,” Frogge said. 

Bethany police were called to an apartment complex near Northwest 23rd and Rockwell Avenue where Frogge lived after a woman claimed she was beat up, raped and robbed in the parking lot.

According to court documents, the victim described the suspect as a black man but could not see his face. She claimed he had a deep African or Jamaican accent. She said the suspect punched her in the face and said he was going to rape her. He allegedly licked her chest and raped her by instrumentation.

Investigators stated in the documents they arrested Frogge based on security video taken from the complex. They alleged he was seen on cameras running from the complex carrying the victim's bag.

“Like I said, from day one, I tried to cooperate,” Frogge said. “I let them search my house. I know I didn’t do this. I gave them DNA without argument. So, I had nothing to hide.”

Frogge said his life and his family’s lives were turned upside down while he sat in jail. He suffered a devastating loss while locked up.

“Yeah, April 17th, my son took his life,” Frogge said. “I didn’t get to attend the funeral on that. I haven’t really had the chance to mourn on it.”

In the end, the victim refused to cooperate and Frogge said there was no DNA that tied him to the crimes.

“It came back that my DNA wasn’t there,” Frogge said. “Let alone any DNA.” 

Oklahoma County district attorney David Prater said the charges were dismissed because the victim did not want to prosecute and was adamant Frogge was not the perpetrator.