Oklahoma Businesses Can Now Sell Alcohol To-Go

Thursday, August 26th 2021, 5:49 am
By: Jordan Dafnis


A new law takes effect Thursday with the goal of helping restaurants recover some of the money lost during the pandemic. 

Restaurants with liquor licenses can now sell cocktails to-go. 

Now this doesn’t mean you can sip on your beverage as you walk out the door. The drinks must be in sealed containers that are tamper proof. 

Lawmakers passed the cocktails to-go act in May after the State Restaurant Association lobbied for the law. 

"We keep saying until things get back to normal and we think we are getting there and then something else pops up and it has just been we are all tired of it, the whole country is tired of it, the whole world is tired of it but we have to get through it," said Jim Hopper, President of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association. 

The sealed drinks must be placed in the trunk of the vehicle or in the car's rear compartment. The drink cannot be readily accessible to the passenger area. 

To read the bill in full, click here