Mustang School District Parents Worried About Rising COVID-19 Cases After First Week Of School

Friday, August 20th 2021, 10:46 pm
By: Feliz Romero

This week, Mustang Public Schools reported 82 cases of COVID-19 and 292 students are quarantined. One family said this should be enough evidence that a mask requirement is needed.

It's a phone call no parent wants to get; your child has been exposed to COVID-19.

“I was just so scared that she may get it and I was just hoping and praying that her masks helped and that they have been sanitizing at the school and doing what they can,” said Sally Miller, parent.

Mustang Creek Elementary notified the Millers that 4-year-old Ariel was exposed Monday. Thankfully she hasn't had symptoms, but they said it doesn't take away the fear.

“I wish it was across the board either you wear a mask, or you don't come,” said Darren Miller.

Both Sally and Darren are nurses.

“I’ve seen the repercussions of it not only on the health care system but also on the people when they leave their home. It's scarier and scarier every day, “he said.

Sally contacted the district, they said they are monitoring the situation and encouraged her to talk to lawmakers.

She then reached out the governor's office.

“Talked about getting shots and it was a generic response because my two kids can't get a shot. It's falling on deaf ears I feel,” said the mother.

Sally said it's up to adults to advocate for kids.

“These little guys they can't have the shot yet and we as adults have to do what we can to protect our little ones to protect our future,” said Sally.

While they've tried virtual school for one week, they said it has its challenges.

“They said that they would be sending assignments, but we haven't gotten a single one,” said Darren.

The district told News 9 it's in contact with its legal team about the law preventing mask mandates, but they don't have a mask requirement at this moment.