4 Players In The Hunt For Jenks Trojans Starting Quarterback Job

Friday, August 13th 2021, 10:35 pm
By: Daniel Hawk

JENKS, Oklahoma -

Competition is always good in bringing out the best in your players. This season, the Trojans will have a new man under center with the graduation of Stephen Kittleman, who is now at the University of Tulsa.

"If he is the best guy for our team, then yeah," said Jenks Head Coach Keith Riggs.

Having multiple options to lead your team into battle is a good problem to have and Riggs has exactly that at the quarterback position with four players competing for the job.

"Really proud of our quarterbacks so far this year. These two guys and our other two sophomores, they have gone out and competed every day,” Riggs said. “They have made each other better, all four of them.”

You’d have to go back to the mid-2000s to find the last time Jenks had a quarterback battle for the starting job. Four players are eyeing the spot under center, but for Riggs, it's not keeping him up at night.

"You are going to have some competition, at some degree, every year but as far as not knowing who the starter is going in, it has been a while,” Riggs said. “They are battling, they are getting better every day. There is a lot of other things to keep you up at night.”

Quarterback Ike Owens sat behind Stephen Kittleman, learning the ropes and even tossing for two touchdowns. He said watching from the sideline has him ready if he hears his name called.

"Being the backup the last couple of years, build relationship with guys and got good timing and I'm pretty confident," said Owens.

On the other hand, the position could be given to freshman Shaker Riesig, who already has been offered a scholarship by San Jose State.

"Obviously I want to be the starter on varsity, I still have to battle it out. Nothing is decided yet, I mean however it goes, we just have to deal with it and try and beat them out every day," said Reisig.