Santa Fe South Schools Implementing Mask Mandate Despite Bill That Bans The Order

Wednesday, August 11th 2021, 5:24 pm
By: Brieon Sumlin


A letter sent to the families of Santa Fe South Schools said the charter will strictly enforce a requirement mandating masks when indoors or in close contact.

This comes despite a bill that bans mask mandates for unvaccinated students from kindergarten to college in Oklahoma districts.

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The letter from Superintendent Chris Brewster said the mandate will go into effect Thursday, Aug. 12.

The requirement applies to staff, students and guests at school, including all activities and events.

Exemptions will be made for those who have a physician’s documentation stating that a mask is not recommended for that person.

“Again, this is a requirement, and should not be considered optional for anyone at any time, unless they have confirmation from their physician that mask-wearing is not required,” the letter said in part.

Students or parents opposed to the opposition have been offered an alternative for virtual learning.  

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