OKC Chase Turns Into Standoff After Motorcyclist Runs Inside Home To Evade Police

Wednesday, August 11th 2021, 10:47 pm
By: Brieon Sumlin


The police pursuit of a motorcyclist across the Oklahoma City metro turned into a standoff Wednesday.

The chase began in The Village at Britton Road and Pennsylvania Avenue, authorities said.

Police eventually backed off once the chase reached areas with traffic. Speeds topped 70 mph.

Jim Gardner in Bob Mills SkyNews 9 continued to follow from the air.

The suspect briefly pulled into a gas station, in what appeared to be an attempt to hide, at Hefner Road and Western Ave.

He then continued on until he reached his home located between Western Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave in NW OKC.

The suspect ran inside.

Police arrived and the situation turned into a standoff.

A tow truck arrived at the home and towed away the motorcycle.

Responding officers eventually left the residence. Despite the suspect not complying with the demands of officers, he was not taken into police custody.

Authorities said the suspect is expected to be arrested.

He has not yet been identified and no information has been released as to what initiated the pursuit.

News 9's Feliz Romero is at the scene. She'll have more updates in the upcoming newscasts.