Family Fears Possible Family Altercation In SW OKC Turned Deadly

Tuesday, August 10th 2021, 5:00 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


Oklahoma City police are investigating a deadly shooting at a home near Southwest 30th Street and Barnes Avenue. Police said one victim was found inside a home on Tuesday, but no arrests were made.

Police have not released any information about the victim or a suspect.

A woman related to someone who lived at the home spoke to News 9 and said she believed the shooting involved her family members.

“I came here because my uncle lives here,” relative Angelica Sarabie said. 

Sarabie and her family showed up to the scene after watching the news and hearing from a relative.

Sarabie was concerned a possible altercation between her uncle and brother turned deadly.

“My cousin Andre said I think Javier is being angry, my brother,” Sarabie said. “And my sister sent the news link and said I think something happened over here.”

Police said someone from her uncle's home ran to a neighbor's house to call 911 around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

“When officers arrived, they located one deceased individual inside of a residence,” OCPD Sgt. Dillon Quirk said.  

Police at the scene could not confirm to the family who the victim was, but Sarabie said it was possibly her brother.

Officers detained several people at the scene for questioning, but no arrests were made.

“Right now, the investigation is very early,” Quirk said. “Investigators are trying to piece together what occurred, how this unfolded.”

Sarabie said there could have been several people inside the home who witnessed the shooting.

“I know people live with my uncle,” Sarabie said. “But I don’t know who they are.” 

Investigators were at the home late into the day and expect to release more information in the coming days.