OHP Says Road Rage Suspect Had Child In Backseat, Could Face Criminal Charges

Monday, August 9th 2021, 7:22 pm
By: Storme Jones

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

After a road rage incident on Interstate 35 in Edmond ended in a dramatic crash, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said the instigator could face criminal charges.

“He targeted them and did that on purpose,” Yvette Weber said. She and her husband, News 9 photojournalist Mike Weber, filmed the crash on I-35 southbound near E 15th Street in Edmond.

“This guy just lost his mind and targeted us,” Brett Powers said. His black Lexus SUV was on the receiving end of the road rage.

“We were like, do we try to get off or is this guy going to follow us and shoot us?” Powers said. “We were like, let’s just pretend like it’s not happening, just ignore that this guy is acting like a fool over here.”

The rage ended in a crash amid busy Sunday traffic. Weber estimates speeds topped 80 mph.

“The driver of the red truck opens his back door, there was a little boy sitting in the backseat of his truck,” Weber said. “I could not believe that driver would act like that for one, and then to have a small child in the backseat. I just can’t imagine what that little boy is going through in the backseat.”

According to Powers, the suspect was ticketed by Oklahoma Highway Patrol before being let go.

“He could’ve killed us in our car. He could’ve killed the people when he came flying across two lanes. He could’ve killed his son. And he’s getting off with a speeding ticket and an improper lane exchange,” he said.

“I will assure the public; we are definitely looking into (criminal charges)” OHP Trooper Eric Foster said. “Just because a citation was written to someone does not mean the case is closed.”

Foster said investigators are still piecing together just what caused the pickup driver to lose his cool.

“Obviously on the video you can see that it appeared to be a purposeful act, so regardless of the intent it appears to be that way,” Foster said. “If it does come out to be a purposeful act with a child involved, then there are other charges that can be levied because of that.”

The driver of the truck did not respond to News 9’s request for comment.

“It was the craziest thing that has ever happened to us guarantee you that,” Powers said.

OHP said they've seen a sharp increase in road rage incidents over the past eight months. Foster said they're working to station troopers near problem areas.