Moore Police Searching For Armed & Dangerous Teen Wanted On Murder Charge, 4 Other Teens Arrested

Friday, August 6th 2021, 10:06 pm
By: Feliz Romero

MOORE, Oklahoma -

Five teenagers were charged with murder in the first degree in connection with the deadly shooting of 24-year-old Marquis Hawkins.

Hawkins was murdered Wednesday, July 28.

“It was a very complex incident. When we arrived, we didn’t expect that there would be five suspects. A witness to the incident said all 5 had ran into the woods, the wooded area, and left the vehicle there so it kind of made things a little different than normal,” said Lt. Kevin Brown with the Moore Police Department.

Court documents revealed 16-year-old Tyrone Williams was trying to buy marijuana and 18-year-old DeCorion Barnett drove him; 16-year-old Kaden Jackson; 16-year-old Benjamin Snell and 16-year-old Keyshawn Jones to Hawkins's.

“We aren’t sure how they know each other or how they came in contact with each other. That’s something we are still trying to get sorted out,” said Brown.

An affidavit stated that Barnett and Jones didn’t have money, so they stepped out of the house When Jones heard “give me that, give me that” and “three gunshots.”

“The particulars of what went on inside are still under investigation and getting stories figured out,” said Brown.

In an interview with investigators Snell said while he was buying a Blunt from Hawkins, Williams came up from behind saying, “give him everything and you won’t get hurt.” Police said Hawkins and Williams exchanged fire.

“A gun was pulled out and then he was shot in the chest,” he said.

Hawkins died at the hospital.

Court documents said earlier that day Williams went into Cabela’s In Oklahoma City and stole bullets for a gun he had on him.

Police consider Williams to be armed and dangerous. They are asking for help to track him down.