Oklahoma GOP Chairman Responds Following Controversial Facebook Post

Sunday, August 1st 2021, 8:46 pm
By: Hunter McKee

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Facebook post by the Oklahoma Republican Party comparing private employers' vaccine mandates to the Holocaust, continues to gain national attention.

Now, the party's chairman is speaking out.

Oklahoma GOP Chairman, John Bennett said in a video this afternoon his post was about a government which he believes is forcing their agenda on people to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

"This is a direct attack on our liberties," said Bennett.

The Facebook post, created on Friday, shows the Star of David with 'unvaccinated' written across it. The post insinuates unvaccinated people are being targeted like Jewish people during the holocaust.

Bennett says it's not about the star, but rather to urge the citizens to contact the Lieutenant Governor to call a special session.

"We can protect and address the citizens, the healthcare workers, and others who are being told they have to take the vaccine as a condition of employment," Bennett said.

However, some were outraged by the post. Some even went on to say it was inappropriate and ill-informed.

"It is quite frankly sad and ironic that anyone would draw an analogy from the largest recorded genocide in the 20th century with public health attempts to save lives," said Roberta Clar, with the Jewish Federation of Greater OKC.

Clark was hopeful the GOP would apologize for the post. But instead, the GOP Chairman says it's about people standing up for their rights.

"This is communist, this is totalitarian," said Bennett. "If we don't do something now it's going to end in the same exact result as we saw when nobody stood up whenever the Jews were told they had to wear that star."

We also reached out to the national GOP; we're waiting for them to release a statement.