Mother Of Shooting Victim Says Daughter’s Condition Is Improving

Sunday, July 4th 2021, 11:43 pm


A mother is in pain as her 20-year-old daughter recovers from a shooting. It happened last week on the northwest side of Oklahoma City.

Shanta Bell said her daughter, Dashreona Glaspie, is fighting for her life here at OU Medical Center after she was injured in a drive-by shooting.

Glaspie was hanging out with friends at an apartment complex near Northwest 23rd and Ann Arbor Monday afternoon when shots were fired.

Glaspie was struck in the neck. Paramedics rushed her to OU Medical Center.

“I would've never thought in a million years I would have to go in an ICU unit to see my daughter because of a gunshot wound,” Bell said. “I wouldn't wish that on nobody.”

Officers arrested three people, including a 13-year-old boy. Prosecutors have charged 18-year-old Malik Bowman and 19-year-old Takaree Jones in connection to the shooting.

“Justice has been served,” Bell said. “I thank God they caught them (be)cause it would have been unsafe for me to be out here wondering if they're going to try and do something to me because I’m her mama or my other kids.”

Bell said the suspects are not strangers.

“I remember the little boy, one of the suspects,” Bell said. “He used to come to my house and that's why it's just, like, so heartbreaking because my daughter use to watch y'all. Y'all use to play with my son. That's why I can't believe that happened.”

Bell said her daughter did not deserve this. Now, she's praying for her to make a full recovery.

Glaspie is now awake. Her mother said she is making progress, health-wise.