Medical Examiner Rules Deer Creek Teen’s Death An Accidental Drowning

Wednesday, June 23rd 2021, 10:10 pm

DEER CREEK, Oklahoma -

Questions swirl following the drowning of a recent Deer Creek high school grad.

Toyin Amuda passed away last week at an Oklahoma County home.

The Medical Examiner’s office ruled Amuda's death an accidental drowning.

The circumstances surrounding his death are now under investigation.

Homecoming King, football player, and recent graduate.

According to a sheriff's report, Amuda was at the home with several others when one of his friends sounded the alarm.

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“The homeowner tells us his daughter came upstairs at two o’clock in the morning told him someone was in the pool,” said Aaron Brilbeck, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesman. 

Amuda was unresponsive.

“By the time the homeowner got to where the pool area was, other people had pulled Mr. Amuda from the pool and the homeowner began CPR and called 911.

Despite life saving measures the high school graduate died.

According to reports, investigators combed the yard finding a "burnt leafy substance in a cigarette wrapping that smelled of marijuana," "vomit," and "two plastic garbage dumpsters filled with empty beer cans and bottles of assorted liquor."

“The homeowner was asked whether he was aware if any alcohol was being served, he said he did not know if it was being served,” said Brilbeck. 

Investigators are now waiting on toxicology reports.

“If there is alcohol in his system, obviously one of our investigators will be asking where that alcohol came from,” said Brilbeck.

Investigators are working to nail down exactly what happened.

“We still have to gather facts. We don't deal in rumors, we only deal with facts,” said Brilbeck.