Tulsa County Jury Convicts Man Of Child Sex Abuse, Recommends Life In Prison

Thursday, June 17th 2021, 7:37 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa County jury recommended life in prison for a man after they found him guilty of sexually abusing a child for four years, starting when the child was four years old.

Anthony Henigan was found guilty on seven counts of child sexual abuse, one count of child abuse by injury, and two counts of domestic assault and battery for strangling the child's mother.

The child, who is now 10, testified in court this week and said Henigan touched her, had sex with her, made her touch him. The child also testified he made them watch pornography of adults and children engaged in sex acts, then have the child perform those same acts on him.

Henigan was arrested in 2019 accused of sexually abusing the child several times over the course of four years.

Henigan testified Thursday and told the jury the child had actually come onto him and said there’s nothing he could do about it.

Prosecutors told the jury the victim gave too much detail for the child to be making the up the stories.

Henigan’s attorney repeatedly argued this case is all based on he said -she said and there’s no physical evidence to back up the stories.

Henigan will be sentenced on July 13.