3 Tulsa Postal Workers Indicted In Suspected Drug Ring

Wednesday, June 16th 2021, 5:11 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Three Tulsa postal workers are facing federal charges for their role in a suspected drug ring.

A suspected drug conspiracy in Tulsa is broken up, after a federal grand jury indicted a drug dealer and three postal carriers. Federal prosecutors said they worked together to bring meth into Oklahoma.

"What is unusual about this case is that three of the individuals were postal carriers," said Clint Johnson, the acting US Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma.

Johnson said it all started in December of 2019.

He said Kamau Williams, 42, spearheaded the conspiracy by shipping meth from California to an abandoned house on the north side of Tulsa. In order to get the drugs through the mail, Williams recruited three postal carriers to intercept the packages.

"The postal carriers are alleged to have said that those packages were delivered when they had not been delivered and they would meet up with this individual and give him the narcotics and he in exchange would give them money," said Johnson.

Those postal carriers have now been identified as Erick Scott, Christine Conner and Shawn Boike.

Investigators said Williams would also distribute the drugs and send money back to his supplier in California.

Johnson said his office will work to fight these types of crimes, as the way drugs reach Oklahoma continues to evolve.

"The methamphetamine we're seeing now is the methamphetamine that's from trans-national organization that is bringing the methamphetamine in from state actors and other countries and distributing it throughout the United States," said Johnson.

Williams is also facing federal charges in a separate case. Prosecutors said he was also involved in a drug conspiracy involving heroin.