Lyric Theatre Transforms A High School Football Stadium Into A Production Of 'Grease'

Tuesday, June 15th 2021, 8:07 am


Many people across the country have been missing out on live theater performances and other entertainment events due to the pandemic.

Starting Tuesday, Oklahomans will have the opportunity to catch a live performance once again. This one is a classic. The Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma is throwing on the hit musical "Grease" at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School Pribil Football Stadium.

Michael Baron is the producing artistic director, and he said because of COVID, the theater company decided to perform the play outside. It really gives the audience the opportunity for a completely new immersive experience.

"The difference with this production is you have the nostalgia of being back at a high school, so all those memories come back but you also have this energy of a 60-person cast," Baron said.

They originally cast this production back in January 2020, and then the pandemic happened and things came to a halt. Once they knew it was time to get things going again, they invited the original cast back and added an additional teen chorus of more than 30 high schoolers. 

"You also have the energy of this 60-person cast that is giving you the best views of high school the most excitement with all of these amazing songs," Baron said.

The show will have songs from both the movie and the stage production. Plus, they have some cool classic cars as well.

The show starts Tuesday and will run through June 27.

Tickets are available online. You can call the box office or get them in person.

Another great part about having the show outside is you can dress casually and relax.

"We want everyone to have a great time. You can sing along as long as you don't bother your neighbor, and we just want people to have a super time," Baron said.

Because it is hot during the day, the show will start at 8 p.m. and Baron said the way the seats are all the guests are in the shade and he said it is comfortable.

"The sun is going down. Everyone on the home stands because the home side is in the shade already, and the shade from the stand covers the field, so the cast is in the shade," he said.

The theater company wanted to do something to honor first responders. Because of donations from Lyric subscribers, 100 first responders will be recognized with complimentary tickets for opening night.

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