Woman Upset After Disposal Of Personal Items From Mother's Gravesite

Monday, June 14th 2021, 10:53 pm

An Enid woman said she feels disrespected after personal items were taken from her mother’s gravesite.

Angela Tucker said she was blindsided.

The Cemetery told News 9 this is just part of routine up-keep.

“I was on top of the trash looking through all of this stuff…I wanted to cry when I was going through it,” said Tucker.

A recent visit to her mother’s gravesite revealed things were missing and thrown in a nearby dump.

“It made me sad,” said Tucker.

She visits her mother’s gravesite almost weekly, but she went twice last week when two family members posted on Facebook that things were being thrown away with no warning.

“Another cousin came out here that checked on her son’s grave and I was like ‘OK, I need to check on my mom’s, so I come out here and I find only a couple things gone, but still it’s my things that I put out here,” she said.

News 9 brought these concerns to the Memorial Park Cemetery and got this statement saying:

“It is our desire to maintain your cemetery in the best possible manner by a regular mowing schedule… this has been the practice of the cemetery for many years.”

“There were teddy bears, there were crosses that looked like they had been made by somebody, there were sentimental things out there,” said Tucker.

Tucker feels disappointed and hopes next time they do more to get the word out about routine cleaning.

“They need to try and contact the loved ones. Put a sign by the gate that you have so many days to remove your stuff. I don't know I just feel really disrespected,” she said.

News 9 asked the cemetery if there was documentation of them asking people to move their things or they would be thrown out.  We have not heard back.