Gov. Stitt Signs Law Giving New Protections To Oklahoma Bicyclists

Wednesday, May 19th 2021, 4:44 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A bill signed into law by Governor Kevin Stitt is giving new protections to bicyclists across Oklahoma.

House Bill 1770 gives cyclists more protections and leeway when riding in the state.

The Governor signed the bill last week, which now allows Idaho stops in Oklahoma.

An Idaho stop allows cyclists to treat stop signs as a yield sign when there is not an immediate hazard.

Members of the cycling community say this makes it safer for both them and drivers, allowing them to not lose momentum through rolling stops, have better visibility and keep traffic moving.

The new law also makes it illegal to harass bicyclists, like excessive honking for no reason.

Any motorist who throws something at a cyclist could face misdemeanor charges or a fine as well.

Austin Boardman has been biking his entire life and races competitively.

He says he's had things thrown at him before and hopes this new law keeps everyone safe.

"I think the vast majority of cyclists out there are extremely responsible,” said Boardman. “They're trying to do the right thing and I think motorists are also just trying to share the road and be friendly. This is just a little extra layer of accountability that helps to protect cyclists."

The new law goes into effect on November 1st.