More Than 300 Exotic Animals Seized From Norman Property

Wednesday, May 12th 2021, 9:57 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

Investigators seized more than 300 exotic animals from a Norman property.

According to police, they were in poor condition despite being owned by an Oklahoma City veterinarian.

Several agencies including the department of wildlife responded to the property after claiming they saw a malnourished horse eating bark off a tree.

Tortoises were caked in mud and horses had over grown hooves. According to those who came to their rescue, they were some of the lucky ones.

“Two animals actually died after we removed them from the property due to malnourishment,” said Norman police spokeswoman Sarah Jensen.

Cages now sit empty. Occupying many of them, according to documents, were 354 animals.

“Everything from camels to geckos, a number of birds and lemurs are all located on this farm,” said Jensen.

Another picture from police showed a fox missing fur.

“These animals were being deprived of food water and the necessary vet care for their health,” said Jensen.

Court documents show the animals belonged to Oklahoma City veterinarian Aaron Stachmus and his husband Bryson Anglin.

The two were named in a bond hearing requested by the City of Norman in hopes of securing $100,000 to care for the animals.

“When you’re talking about animals as large as twelve camels down to various reptiles and birds, it’s a big undertaking to find places that are trained and licensed to care for these animals,” said Jensen.

And while the investigation continues, police hope to hold Stachmus and Anglin accountable.

“We look to file criminal charges in the coming days,” said Jensen.

One man told News 9 he was shocked to hear his neighbors were accused of animal cruelty and neglect. He said they always cared for and doted on the animals.