COVID-19 Crisis In India Impacting People In Green Country

Wednesday, May 12th 2021, 9:15 pm
By: Chinh Doan

TULSA, Oklahoma -

The COVID-19 crisis in India is impacting people in Green Country. Between the president's travel ban for those coming from India and the current outbreak in that country, it is devastating for many.

Tulsa is home to a nonprofit that helps thousands of people in India. There are also international students here from India who cannot visit their families for a while.

As the coronavirus crisis in India becomes a global emergency, people around the world are also dealing with the devastation.

"I never thought India would reach this far, so I'm very sad for it,” said Judith Jimmy, an international student at Oral Roberts University.

Jimmy was born in India and said she worries about her family there, including an uncle who is a doctor, caring for COVID-19 patients.

Jimmy said she had to cancel plans to visit family this summer because of the recent travel ban from India to the United States.

She wants others to know about the situation in her home country.

"A lot of my friends who are from America, they found out about the situation in India because of social media, because of my stories or because of my friends' stories, they found out what was happening in India,” explained Jimmy.

Meanwhile, a nonprofit based in Tulsa is not letting the 23 million COVID-19 cases in India stop its mission there.

"We are ending child marriages and child labor and forming varied barrier against trafficking in communities and making sure girls can go to school,” said Deborah Spencer, Sister India’s executive director and co-founder.

Spencer showed News On 6 photos of how classes used to look before the pandemic.

Spencer said because of the current outbreak, classes are closed for the thousands of people in the programs, but Sister India's partners are passing out care packages and doing what they can.

“There's definitely a sense that they are very much in the thick of this, and it's not going to end anytime soon, unfortunately," said Spencer.

Spencer also said Sister India really needs medical supplies to give out. For more information on how to donate online or where to mail donation checks, visit the Sister India website here.