OKC Police Accused Of Accidentally Eating Cake Meant For OKC Firefighters

Wednesday, May 12th 2021, 4:24 pm
By: Brittany Toolis


Oklahoma City firefighters at the Springlake station were the victims of a baked good burglary. The culprits behind the crime were their hungry neighbors in blue.

"We had a cake delivered here, and it was just a normal day," said Oklahoma City police Capt. Paul Fredrickson.

The Springlake station is home to both Oklahoma City police and fire departments. About a month ago, that tasty treat was delivered through the front door and made its way to the police side of the building.

"And that cake just comes right in and the officers that are present can just partake," Fredrickson said. 

After the cake crumbs cleared, officers noticed a card came with it. The now full officers decided to do some police work to find out who the cookie cake came from.

"We researched the address on the card and soon discovered there was not a police call at that address. We did find that there was in fact a fire department call there," Fredrickson said.

"It was a cake treat for maybe the police officers and so they took it in and apparently it was for us. They taste tested it," said neighbor and OCFD Lt. Aaron Fisher. 

After realizing the mix up, police made up for their cake mistake by hand delivering one next door. They didn't make the drop off without having a little fun.

"It [the cake] was adorned in police colors. I believe it said to America's heroes. So yes, they repaid our cake, but it was very police-y," Fisher said.

There are ways to avoid these kinds of mix-ups in the future, but the police in the building might not be too quick to tell people what they are.

"I wouldn't try to avoid this again, it was a pretty good cake," Fredrickson said.

The captain also said to keep the front desk area from becoming another crime scene, it would help if people bringing treats would say whether the treat is for police, fire, or both.