Oklahoma Bureau Of Narcotics Links Illegal Marijuana Farm To Bigger Case

Tuesday, May 4th 2021, 10:31 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

Investigators are connecting the dots in a big marijuana case.

They seized more than 10,000 plants Tuesday in Erick, Oklahoma after two raids in Logan County last week.

According to Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, the farms are linked to one another, and while no arrests were made several are expected.

Since the legalization of medicinal marijuana, OBN spokesman Mark Woodward said while tens of thousands of legitimate growers operate in Oklahoma, there are others illegally capitalizing on the industry.

“We are wanting to send a message that Oklahoma is not going to be a safe haven for criminals to come here and take advantage of our cheaper land and lower licenses,” said Woodward.

On April 23 multiple agencies including OBN raided a home and farm in Logan County where they believed pot was being sold illegally.

“Other than being licensed that is about the only legal thing these farms have been doing,” said Woodward.

Then Tuesday, hundreds of plants all housed in multiple green houses were seized in another raid in Beckham County.

“These organizations we are investigating are moving marijuana who knows where, probably coast to coast, and moving money all over the U.S. or outside the U.S,” said Woodward.       

And while workers were questioned investigators are digging deeper.

“If we just hit a farm and take out some people on a farm these criminals will bring in new people within 48 hours and are moving their product again,” said Woodward.

Finding the head of the organization is a top priority, one that will take time to identify.

“You're talking about ownership groups and shell games trying to look legit, often times looking for someone who will claim to be the local owner, when the true outside ownership is out of state,” said Woodward.

Charges are expected to be filed this week.