OG&E Sliding Into Electric Era

Thursday, April 22nd 2021, 6:00 pm
By: Brian Mueller

OG&E is amped up for their new power play. 

“It’s a big undertaking but it’s exciting to constantly be seeking ways to reduce your footprint," said Usha Turner, OG&E Director of Environmental and Federal Policy.

It’s a big feat that involves overhauling their fleet. 

OG&E said the transportation sector is the largest source of CO2 emissions in the U.S. 

OG&E is planning on replacing 50% of their light duty vehicle with electric ones by the year 2025, and then 100% by 2030. 

“All together, what that means is we will have reduced our CO2 emission from our vehicle fleet by 60% by 2030," said Turner. 

The electric overhaul includes everything from forklifts and small cranes, to even the lifts on bucket trucks. 

And you may have already seen their electric cars on the road. OG&E started transitioning to them a few years ago. 

“It’s important as electric vehicles become adopted more and more and more in Oklahoma, as we start to roll out more electric vehicle infrastructure, that we start to be a part of that transition," said Turner.

An important message on this Earth Day, and every day. 

“It is a 365-day operation for us, to always be thinking about how do you reduce your footprint, your operational footprint on all things," said Turner.  

OG&E said they will also start replacing their medium and heavy-duty trucks with more fuel-efficient vehicles.