QuikTrip Completes Transition To Put Kitchens In All Oklahoma Locations

Thursday, April 22nd 2021, 5:25 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

TULSA, Oklahoma -

It's an exciting time for Tulsa-based QuikTrip. The company opened a brand-new store at 51st and Sheridan Thursday, the last in the area to debut a kitchen with a full menu inside.

QuikTrip said with the opening of this store, now every single QT in Oklahoma has a kitchen inside where you can order food made to order.

In 2010, the company announced an initiative to rebuild many stores and change the layout to what they call next-gen models. That included tearing stores down and building in the same location and building new stores with kitchens inside and a new menu of items.

This transition to put kitchens in all stores took longer at some locations, including at 51st and Sheridan, as the company had to get the proper permits. With the completion of this next-gen store, that is now complete.

QT spokesperson Aisha Jefferson-Smith said the journey has been rewarding.

"It's been an amazing journey thus far and it feels really, really great to finally come to an end in that journey,” said Jefferson-Smith. “In Tulsa specifically, this is an amazing, amazing accomplishment"

Nationwide, the company now only has two stores that do not have a kitchen inside.

The company is also still planning an expansion into Denver, Colorado in the near future as well.